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We Develop & Deliver WordPress Solutions – From Typical to Highly Customized

We love to bring to life business solutions (from straightforward to highly customized) using WordPress platform-centered technologies.  Website security is an integral part of our development practices.  Skilled in many of today’s important web technologies we follow best practices to deliver efficient and secure product, a more generic one or a highly customized solution, or something in between.

We believe in open-source platform and frameworks especially for small businesses and individual website owners to lower cost and avoid hitting limitations in implementing advanced custom functionalities as they grow. We use WordPress content management system (CMS) and its development framework. This allows us to deliver our clients only the needed solution and at the time they need them. Our use of WordPress’s powerful ecosystem enables us to add more and more solutions for our clients in the future, only as they need them.

We can build entirely new website for you using WordPress. This can include requirement gathering, domain name & web hosting, branding & logo, content & social media strategy, custom design/development, & maintenance engagements depending on your needs.

Perhaps you already have a WordPress instance for your marketing site, but you would like us to integrate it with your cloud-based deployment that your sales team uses. We can help with that too!

    Examples of specific work we can do for you

  • Answer your question “Is WordPress platform right for my business both now and in the long-run?”
  • Integrate your WordPress site with your cloud-based & other applications
  • Secure and maintain your WordPress site
  • Determine best and safest plugins to get the most out of your WordPress site
  • Evaluate your installed plugins for their worth, security, strength, maintainability, and overall appropriateness for your site
  • Evaluate your WordPress deployment for best practices and risk exposures

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Level Your Web Design Playing Field with Us as Your Trusted Partner

Your customers expect you to make it easy and convenient for them to do business with your company regardless of what device and channel they used to reach the touch point.

There is no substitute to a well-designed website that you make available to your customers. Your site must be usable, flow logically, and create emotional connection with the audience. Work with us to level the online playing field or even slant it in your favor. Highly polished web design solutions can be expensive, but that is where WordPress platform comes in. Many of the most useful UI and other powerful design elements come free with WordPress framework for those who can use them properly. We have the design capabilities and experience to help you build smart online solutions on top of WordPress CMS using those elements to help you become successful, grow, and glow online.

In order to design the best solution for you, we work hard at understanding your business as if we have a stake in it.  We do the same to understand your goals, needs, vision, likes, and wants.  We also try to understand your current and target customers. Doing so will allow as to use our technology experience to realize the best design solutions for your business. We can also engage with you on defined and explicit design solution requests that you may have.

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Your Online Strategy – What Technologies Do You Need?

Today’s businesses know that technology and its use is a vital part of achieving their business goals.  However, it is confusing and difficult to decide what you need to do to stay competitive and thrive in the current business and technology environment.  You probably do not need to use every trendy bleeding edge technology out there, but how do you know which ones are vital for your business?

Nearly 30% of all websites globally use WordPress as a foundational platform. There are reasons for this. It is an open-source framework maintained by passionate and heavy hitting volunteer tech professionals. It has an amazing array of free pre-built capabilities eliminating the costly reinvention of the wheel. The benefit does not stop there. It also allows the building of highly advanced custom solutions incrementally on top of the platform, but only when and if you need them as your business grows online.

We can help you decide if WordPress part of your technology blueprint. You need a trusted partner like us that strives to understand your business and is competent in the latest technologies at the same time to formulate and carry out the best technology road map most suited to your business vision.  Our experience in both business and technology makes us ideal advisors to collaborate with when you work on creating your technology roadmap.

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